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Main Theme

Rural Youth, Entrepreneurship.


Unión Europea, RNJR, ASOJE

Youth Enterprising in Network

Fostering rural, entrepreneurial and territorial identity in Colombia.

636 rural youth distributed in six departments of the country were supported by the European Union (EU) in the framework of the project “Jóvenes Emprenden en Red” promoting business development in coordination with the Asociación de Jóvenes Emprendedores (ASOJE).
The project lasted 36 months and covered 12 municipalities in the departments of Caldas (La Dorada, Samaná and Río Sucio); Cundinamarca (Puerto Salgar); Nariño (Consacá, Yacuanquer and Guaitarilla); Chocó (San José de Tado, Unión Panamericana and Istmina); Sucre (Sampues) and Caquetá (Montañita).
In this sense, the project promoted, since 2017 through the National Network of Rural Youth (RNJR), the entrepreneurial development of rural youth (YR) by developing their entrepreneurial skills, strengthening their organisational levels and capitalising, in a sustainable way, their financial and non-financial assets. Of the 636 rural youth, 50% are women.
It is worth remembering that in Colombia, 21.6% of the population lives in rural areas and 2/3 of the population is less than 29 years old. Rural youth are more socially excluded, which leads to the migration of the youth population to urban areas. Also, it is estimated that 1/3 of the population between 15-25 years old, mostly women, migrate from rural to urban areas. urban areas.
Youth unemployment in 2011 was double that of the working population, according to the National Administrative Department of Statistics, and around 15% of the country’s agricultural land was abandoned or sold, mainly by small farmers. All of the above results in a lack of access to land, which is aggravated in the case of youth, a situation that is repeated in the municipalities and departments where the “Jóvenes Emprenden en Red” project was implemented.

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