Life plans and the situation of young rural people in Central America

Facts from the Rural Youth Networks in the SICA Region

Youth Managers

Continuous accompaniment of organisations in the inclusion of young people.

Rural Youth and Land

Access mechanisms, difficulties and challenges in Latin America

The Sun is no longer a villain in the Paraiban semi-arid region.

Good practices in the use of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies

Inventory of innovative solutions for rural youth

Directory of pro-rural youth’s best practices

Rural Youth and the COVID19

Regional Meetings in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia


Young Protagonists of Territorial Rural Development in the SICA Region

Cecilia Guerra


Luz Elida Galindez Marin

Organic agriculture consultancies.

Ever Tulio Ruiz Hoyos

Consultancies in organic agriculture and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).