Case Study: The Jamaica Fishermen Co-operative Union

Leading the sale of inputs for small-scale fishing

Case study: “Marine Protected Areas: ZEPA/ZEMP and DRMI”

Territorial management tool for marine areas

Case study: FISHMARE Commercial Company S.A.S.

Added value of artisanal fishing and sustainable use practices of fishery resources

Case study: The Golfo de Tribugá Bureau of Environmental Planning

Creating and implementing a shared decision-making platform for land-use planning and management.

Case study: Artisanal Fishery Interinstitutional and Community Panel (GIC-PA)

Promoting initiatives related to the qualification of marine-coastal economic activities

Case Study: The Federation of Artisanal Fishery Workers – FEDEPESCA

Legal and juridical support to the artisanal fishing subsector of the Pacific coast of Chocó

Learning Territory – Choco, Colombia

Responsible Artisanal Fishery, a profitable and sustainable business:
Marine Planning and sustainable fishery in the North Pacific Chocó