Learning Route: “Strengthen the associative and entrepreneurial capacities of Caribbean farmers’ organizations for better market access”

August 12th to 19th, 2023

Learning Route: “Effective practices, tools and approaches for promoting Disability Inclusive programs”

09th to 16th July, 2023

Case Study: Corridgeree Belize Farms LTD

Promote diversity, sustainable production and innovation in smallholder agriculture in Belize

Case Study: Valley Of Peace Lagoon Farmers’ Cooperative Society

Improving Sustainable Vegetable Production

Case Study: The Potato & Onion Producers Association

Contributing to food security through the growth of the potato and onion sector

Case Study: The Ebony Park Agro Cooperative Society

The supply of cash crops to agro-processors

New technologies and practices for family farming

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A model for transforming unemployed youth into Agropastoral Entrepreneurs

Aissatou Diagne D.

Millet production
Development of youth organizations

Mame Birame S.

Millet production
Youth Organization Development