Our tools

Learning Routes

Improve and strengthen the capacities of professionals and technicians to lead knowledge management with concrete results applied to new initiatives and rural development policies. We share experiences with the participation of all actors involved in the realities studied.

Learning Territories

To provide continuous education and training, led by the Local Champions themselves, under peer-to-peer learning methodologies, focused on the transmission of knowledge, the exchange of experiences and theoretical and practical learning with a strong emphasis on its real and concrete applicability.



Practical Solutions

Visit the rural experience in the field to systematise innovative and successful practices present in the territories as local solutions to global problems. We make rural, sustainable and sustainable case studies visible for their applicability and scalability in different contexts.

Digital Learning

Virtual knowledge management is a practice aimed at ensuring that new skills, from different sources and actors, are integrated into the execution of people's daily activities.





Covid 19

Community Reporters

To understand from local territories how the global pandemic is impacting rural livelihoods, we seek to identify, make visible and support the development of responses by and for young entrepreneurs. The Community Reporters seek to build a space for dialogue and exchange of innovative practices and solutions among rural youth for dissemination and adaptation to local space.

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Given the impossibility of direct contact due to the restrictions generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we seek new solutions by connecting key actors, decision-makers, rural youth organisations, among others, through virtual seminars and spaces for dialogue in webinar format.

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Bye Covid

This initiative seeks to build contentment and support networks that benefit the most vulnerable rural enterprises and families, articulate solutions in alliance with local authorities and disseminate updated and relevant information.