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What We Are

We are a global organisation specialised in knowledge management for rural innovation that for more than 20 years has been working to improve the performance of development policies, programmes and projects that improve the economic, social and environmental lives of rural people.


Through partnerships with governments, international cooperation institutions, rural organisations and the private sector, we harvest low-cost solutions, based on the know-how of rural talents and the assets of their territories, that enable more rural families, women and youth to empower, adopt and scale solutions in their own space and time, taking better advantage of their economic and territorial opportunities to generate inclusive and sustainable rural livelihoods.

How We Work

We develop strategies and tools for knowledge management and scaling up of practical and innovative rural development solutions, validated in the field. Under a south-south cooperation approach with small producers, organisations, rural families, municipalities, public institutions and the private sector, we work to improve the performance of investments and enhance the capacities of the rural population.

We harvest the capacities of rural people to scale up the impacts of rural development solutions and innovations.

We promote an inclusive environment for producers, youth, women and indigenous people in rural development policy dialogue.

We strengthen the capacities of families, producers, rural entrepreneurs, women, youth and their organisations to participate in the benefits and opportunities of investments in rural development.

We support the design and implementation of rural development projects that are sensitive to the capacities and assets of rural territories.

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Latin America and the Caribbean

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