Latin America and the Caribbean


Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Panamá, Rep. Dominicana, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize


May – July 2022

Main Themes

Advocacy, Family Farming, Rural Youth



Modular Training in Public Policies

“Building coalitions and alliances to support Family Farming”.

As part of the commitments and activities established in the Decade of Family Farming, a pilot training and experience-sharing program was implemented, adapted to distance modalities, which made it possible to train new leaderships interested in increasing their capacity to participate and have an impact on policy dialogue by managing the fundamental approaches and tools characteristic of the Public Policy Cycle.


The program was aimed at 31 leaders, men and women, of rural organizations representing the interests and demands of Family Farming, technical teams of the relevant public institutions, whether national and/or decentralized, and young leaders of rural networks and associations.


The training took place between May and July 2022, with a total of 11 synchronous virtual sessions with a maximum duration of 3 chronological hours each, carried out through the Zoom platform during which the participants were able to attend:

  • Presentations and virtual talks on the main contents and topics.
  • Forums for the exchange of experiences.
  • Online group work to discuss, problematize and debate on the contents and experiences analyzed.
  • Debates and plenary sessions to discuss the topics.
  • Synthesis of contents and induction to practical exercises.


In order to monitor the activities and tasks developed by the participants, a Virtual Platform was implemented to which each participant had access during the months of training. The materials of each session, recordings of the modules, activities carried out, complementary readings and other useful resources for the participants were compiled.

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