South and East Africa




09th to 16th July, 2023

Main Themes

Rural inclusion, Disability, Capacity building, Advocacy


IFAD, Light for the World, ILO

Learning Route

“Effective practices, tools and approaches for promoting Disability Inclusive programs”

This six-day Learning Route, launched as part of the SPARK (Sparkling Disability Inclusive Rural Transformation) project that is implemented by Light for the World in partnership with Procasur Corporation, the International Labour Organisation -ILO- and funded by the International Funds for Agricultural Development -IFAD-, helped to develop good practices and approaches that promote programs to integrate people with disabilities. The journey bridged together 30 practitioners from Malawi, Cameroon, India and Uganda in the framework of a training and capacity building activity entitled “Effective practices, tools and approaches for promoting Disability Inclusive programs”.



This Learning Route aimed to improve IFAD supported projects and its implementing partners’ understanding of how to mainstream disability inclusion approaches, tools and methodologies to overcome barriers faced by persons with disabilities. Participants raised their level of awareness, acquired new knowledge and tools to understand the situation of Persons with Disabilities in their own areas of intervention, and identify opportunities to improve their practices and policies.


This were achieved by learning from existing good practices in the field. In other words, the Learning Route in Malawi were hosted by disability inclusion organizations and successful disability inclusion initiatives, providing living examples and sharing practical know-how and tested tools for adoption by IFAD projects, Disability Inclusion Facilitators -DIFs- and other stakeholders.

Host Experiences

This project aims to enhance the adaptive capacity and food security of rural communities in Malawi facing the challenges of climate change. PRIDE is funded by IFAD and has incorporated disability as a cross-cutting issue in its gender-sensitive approach since the inception phase, despite the lack of explicit mandate or budget for this component. After four years of implementation, PRIDE has devised innovative strategies to empower Persons with Disabilities and foster their leadership roles in their communities.

  • The household approach as an effective tool for the holistic inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in the community.
  • The innovative approach of integrating disability into the project, despite the lack of consideration in the design.


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This is an umbrella organization that represents 12 Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) in Malawi. FEDOMA works to harmonize, coordinate, and amplify the advocacy efforts of its member organizations for the rights and inclusion of disabled people in Malawi. FEDOMA is also a key partner of SPARK in Malawi, and has a rich experience to share, in terms of its organizational structure, and the lessons learned and good practices from the beneficiaries at the grassroots level.

  • The VSLA model has empowered women with disabilities to save money and become self-reliant in their community.
  • Capacity building and monitoring of OPDs as a pillar and guarantee for the sustainability of an umbrella organization.


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The third case study explores a comprehensive economic empowerment project for a youth organization. The Mthuizi Youth Organization is one of the leading organizations working with young people in the Bwanje region of Ntcheu. With support from Save the Children International, the organization was motivated to mainstream disability. Through its economic empowerment project, the organization started to include people with disabilities among its beneficiaries, who have become role models in their communities.

  • Inclusion of young Persons with Disabilities in a youth empowerment organization.
  • Participation and leadership of young Persons with Disabilities in the organization’s governance and top management.


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