Latin America and the Caribbean




25th – 29th October 2022

Main Themes

Family Farming, Value Chains, Farmer associations



Learning Route

“Come up in the Value Chain! Moving the businesses and associative capacities of small rural producer organizations”


Increase the business and associative capacities and competencies of leaders of rural organizations in the country, promoting their participation in value chains relevant to the segments of small rural production.


of small producer enterprises and the support instruments available among institutional agents, public and private, which promote the gestation, development and consolidation of small rural production.

to promote sustainable processes of associative and business development, for a better and greater participation in traditional and / or promising value chains.

that influence improving the participation of business associations of small rural producers in value chains relevant to the sector.

in associative and entrepreneurial development, either by mobilizing and integrating their skills and talents in existing business initiatives and/or promoting the creation of new initiatives.

to participate in value chains, identifying changes for the evolution and consolidation of their governance and business management structures.

that improve associative and business performance, mobilizing human and financial resources that allow its implementation.

1. The Jamaica Coffee Growers Association

“Promoting the profitability of coffee production through export business”


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2. The Ebony Park Agro Cooperative Society

“The supply of cash crops to agro-processors”


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3. The Jamaica Fishermen Co-operative Union

“Leading the sale of inputs for small-scale fishing”


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4. The Potato & Onion Producers Association

“Contributing to food security through the growth of the potato and onion sector”


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