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      Learning Routes

      Improve and strengthen the capacities of professionals and technicians to lead knowledge management with concrete results applied to new initiatives and rural development policies. We share experiences with the participation of all actors involved in the realities studied.

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      Practical Solutions

      Visit the rural experience in the field to systematise innovative and successful practices present in the territories as local solutions to global problems. We make rural, sustainable and sustainable case studies visible for their applicability and scalability in different contexts. 

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      Learning Territories

      To provide continuous education and training, led by the Local Champions themselves, under peer-to-peer learning methodologies, focused on the transmission of knowledge, the exchange of experiences and theoretical and practical learning with a strong emphasis on its real and concrete applicability.

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      Digital Learning

      Virtual knowledge management is a practice aimed at ensuring that new skills, from different sources and actors, are integrated into the execution of people's daily activities.

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      Under a South-South Cooperation approach, we implement and support development projects in the areas of Rural Youth, Climate Change, Disability, Family Farming, Access to Land and Natural Resources, among others.

      Rural Youth Observatory



      People with valuable knowledge, usually practical, who stand out in their organisation or community for their ways of doing things, their innovative expertise and their leadership in development initiatives that have a positive impact on their own context.

      Rural  Knowledge Library

      Consult our library and find case studies, systematisation of experiences and good practices in rural development. You will also find videos of our projects, infographics, technical documents, reports, among others.

      We are a global organisation specialising in rural knowledge management and rural innovation that has been working for 20 years to improve the performance of development policies, programmes and projects that improve the economic, social and environmental lives of rural people, making better use of their territorial opportunities to generate inclusive and sustainable rural livelihoods.