Ever Tulio Ruiz Hoyos


Agriculture. Knowledge Management


Consultancies in organic agriculture and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).


52 years old


Uyumbe, San Agustín, Huila





Ever Tulio Ruiz Hoyos

Mr. Ruiz is the legal representative of the Red de Reservas Naturales de la Sociedad Civil (SERANKWA), a business group of farmers in the municipality of San Agustín, dedicated to different activities (agriculture, beekeeping, handicrafts, among others), but the most transcendent of their work is the conservation of the environment. He is also a member of APIRED, which brings together producers of honey and its derivatives.
For 20 years he has been dedicated to the production of organic coffee, reaching an annual production of 1.5 tons, from the cultivation of 2 hectares. The entire harvest is sold to local intermediaries or to the coffee growers’ federation, earning an income of US$4,100.
In addition, he has 7 years of experience as a beekeeper, an activity through which he produces 250 kilos of honey per year and earns an income of US$700. His harvest, obtained through clean production techniques, he markets it to local customers.

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