Dora Tapumilla Panaifo




Artisanal processing of organic cocoa


48 years old




San Martín



Dora Tapumilla Panaifo

Partner of the Cooperativa Agraria Allima Cacao Ltda., she has developed know-how for the transformation of organic cocoa produced by the cooperative and acquired by her at a preferential price, given her status as a partner.
From the best beans of cocoa production, which has Organic (UTZ and USDA Organic) and Fair Trade (FAIRTRADE) Certification[1], this successful entrepreneur produced in 2016 the following derivatives of the declared flagship product[2] of Peru:
– 3000 chocotejas(traditional Peruvian chocolate, filled with nuts and blancmange).
– 100 units of 90 gr. of 100% cocoa paste.
– 50 bottles of 750 ml. of cocoa cocktail.
– 100 units of chocolates.
– 50 units of 400 g. of cocoa jelly.
It markets its products at fairs (local and regional), in addition to direct sales to visitors to the cooperative and other customers. The production and sale of chocolates has generated an annual income of US$1,600.
UTZ: global sustainable agriculture certification program applicable to agricultural products. USDA Organic: organic production seal that certifies compliance with the standards and norms established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture
(USDA) FAIRTRADE: seal that guarantees that products have been produced under decent working and sustainable conditions.
[2] Products or cultural expressions whose origin or transformation have occurred in Peruvian territory and that have characteristics that represent Peru’s image outside this country.

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