Cecilia Guerra






23 years old


Cantón la Parada, Caserío San Rafael


Candelaria de la Frontera


El Salvador

Cecilia Guerra

Member and secretary of the Supervisory Board of the Agricultural Production Cooperative El Guarero (ACOPROGUAR), dedicated mainly to the cultivation of basic grains and vegetables.
In addition, she is a member of the cooperative’s Youth Committee[1] , an organization that has developed a business oriented to the production and commercialization of honey. As an innovative practice, the young people have incorporated flavors such as cinnamon, eucalyptus and ginger to the honey they produce.
At the national level, she participates in the Integral Association of Rural Youth Networks of El Salvador (AREJURES)[2].
She has extensive experience as a community extensionist, training at the National School of Agronomy, specializing in agroecology.
[1]Formed in 2014, from the implementation of a Learning Fund for the allocation of financial resources to rural youth in El Salvador, implemented by PROCASUR in coordination with IFAD-Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock projects in this country. The Committee received a non-reimbursable fund of US$1,250 as seed capital for the acquisition of assets for honey production.
[2] Organization implemented with technical and financial support from PROCASUR, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (El Salvador), the National Youth Institute of El Salvador (INJUVE) and World Vision (El Salvador). It is made up of nearly 3,000 young people, who are part of the 14 territorial networks that correspond to the 14 Salvadoran departments.

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