Learning Route

Strengthening the employment of rural youth as successful alternatives and opportunities in the context of migration in Central Africa.

Learning Route: “Facilitating access of organised smallholders farmers to lucrative and fair markets”

29th April – 8th May, 2018

Learning Route: “Strategies of adaptation to climate change to improve the resilience of rural communities”

October 22th to November 2nd, 2017

Learning Route: “Practical Solutions to adapt to Climate Change in Production and Post-Harvesting Sectors”

6th to 16th November, 2016

Learning Route: “Innovative mechanism and tools to promote inclusive agricultural value chains”

23rd November to 2nd December, 2016

Learning Territory: Cajabamba, Peru

Innovations in Breeding and Reproductive Management of Cavies: Sustainable Minor Livestock Breeding for food security and income raising of rural families

Learning Territory: Nariño, Colombia

Rural business development: Associativity and organizational networks to promote inclusion

Learning Territory – Choco, Colombia

Responsible Artisanal Fishery, a profitable and sustainable business:
Marine Planning and sustainable fishery in the North Pacific Chocó

Learning Territory – Guajira, Colombia

Cultural Identity-linked Business:
“Weiyatein waijain, we show what we do”

Learning Route: “Natural Resources Management and Local Solutions to adapt to Climate Change”

06th to 13th July, 2014