JOY – Cameroon Success Stories

The immense potential that is unleashed when rural youth are equipped with the necessary tools, guidance, and opportunities to flourish.

JOY – Kenya Success Stories

The transformative power of equipping rural youth with the skills, support, and opportunities needed to thrive

Capitalizing on IFAD experience with Local Champions around the World

Adopting knowledge based on the evidence of success, potential partnerships and relationships of trust and closeness between providers and users

Case Study: Hibiscus Mayan Arts Women Cooperative

Traditional Mayan Arts for local production

Case Study: Sabal Food Products

Traditional cassava production, pure and natural for a healthy food

Case Study: Corridgeree Belize Farms LTD

Promote diversity, sustainable production and innovation in smallholder agriculture in Belize

Case Study: Valley Of Peace Lagoon Farmers’ Cooperative Society

Improving Sustainable Vegetable Production

Case Study: The Potato & Onion Producers Association

Contributing to food security through the growth of the potato and onion sector

Case Study: The Ebony Park Agro Cooperative Society

The supply of cash crops to agro-processors

Case Study: The Jamaica Coffee Growers Association

Promoting the profitability of coffee production through export business