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Federation of Artisanal Fishery Workers -FEDEPESCA-

Legal and juridical support to the artisanal fishing subsector of the Pacific coast of Chocó


FEDEPESCA is a second level organization that seeks to provide legal and juridical support to the artisanal fishing subsector of the Pacific coast of Chocó. It groups legally formed organizations of artisanal fishermen, processors and marketers in the territory. With its slogan “Responsible Artisanal Fishing, a path towards sustainability and peace”, FEDEPESCA focuses its efforts on sustainable fishing management, guaranteeing the participation of small-scale responsible fishing workers, promoting associativity, initiatives and proposals that contribute to the improvement of their quality of life.


The northern Pacific coast of Chocó is a territory that has been characterized by its dedication to artisanal fishing, which is the cultural and identity reference for hundreds of families. Fishing activity is the axis of economic, social and environmental development and, from this perspective, the sustainability of the territory depends on the availability of resources and the use of traditional fishing gear, which is environmentally friendly.


FEDEPESCA has led legal advisory processes for artisanal fishing communities to form new grassroots associations, and has led relations and dialogues with the public and private sectors. It also represents the artisanal sector before municipal administrations (in the five municipalities), national fishing authorities, and NGO representatives. It has also stimulated the training of fishermen in critical areas to strengthen responsible artisanal fishing, including: training fishermen on current regulations, steps for the legal formation of associations, technical aspects of traditional fishing, administrative and managerial organization of the associations, among others.


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