Case Study


Latin America and the Caribbean




November 2022


Family Farming, Community development, Entrepreneurship, Rural organization


FAO, ACP, European Union, IFAD

Sabal Food Products

“Traditional cassava production, pure and natural for a healthy food”

In the Town of Dangriga, since 1983, Sabal’s Food Product was established with the focus of producing derived products from the raw material cassava tubers. It is a family-owned business which started with 6 persons. Initially, in 1983, the family were mainly producing cassava flour having a total produced of 24,000 pounds pers year. Since then, the demand has been increasing and production has increased up to 80,000 pounds per year. In fact, as an initiative, the business incorporated new innovative types of products and placed them in the market.


Sabal Food product being the only cassava company in Belize has been in a good position regarding the demand and unique products. The main market is located on the local market. Its main market is in Dangriga Town where he distributes the products to the supermarket, store and has its product placed in different parts of Belize.


Their success is the result of consolidated factors that can be summarize in:


  1. The excellent leadership and dedication to meeting the demand of the products.
  2. Excellent relationship among workers and dedication in the business.
  3. The Sabals Food Product has played an important role in the provision of its product in the market. Despite the challenges faced by the business during the pandemic 2019 -2014 the business was able to overcome and adapt to it and at the same time continuing producing and satisfying the demand of the markets. Since then, Sabal has been increasing its markets to the point of not only supplying the town of Dangriga but reaching other parts of the country.


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