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Latin America and the Caribbean






Artisanal Fishing and Aquaculture, Rural Microenterprise Management



FISHMARE Commercial Company S.A.S.

Added value of artisanal fishing and sustainable use practices of fishery resources


This is a local fish marketing microenterprise that aims at the sustainable development of artisanal fishermen, applying responsible fishing criteria in order to protect fishery resources. The company belongs to two natives of the municipality of Nuquí – Chocó, who for years have been linked to artisanal fishing and the different community processes that have taken place in the region for its promotion and development. Fishing has been their main livelihood and they have seen in it an opportunity to consolidate this marketing initiative, which recognizes the added value of artisanal fishing and the practices of sustainable use of fishery resources, in market niches that make profitable a value chain model for fishing and responsible consumption.


FISHMARE develops good manufacturing practices, marketing only species that meet their average size of sexual maturity and are not in danger of extinction. From its commercialization exercise, FISHMARE is the backbone of a network of fishermen in the Gulf of Tribugá that apply responsible fishing criteria, mainly in the villages of Arusí and Jurubirá, where it has storage points as well as in the municipal capital of Nuquí, where it provides ice, equipment and infrastructure to guarantee the cold chain, a determining factor in meeting the quality standards required for the commercialization of fresh fish.



FISHMARE sells its product in different markets, mainly in the cities of Bogotá, Medellín, Buenaventura and Quibdó; but the most relevant commercial exercise is the one it has established with the TAKAMI group in Bogotá. This group develops and manages seven restaurants, five of which offer fish on their menus (Horacio Barbato, Osaki, Central Cevichería, Pescadería Central, 80 Sillas, Sipote, and La Fama), all of which receive the product from the same collection center from which the fresh fish is shipped.


The management of this group of restaurants applies responsible fishing and consumption criteria, completing more than two years of continuous work with FISHMARE as a supplier, a relationship that has been supported by the MarViva Foundation under the scheme of the Environmental Responsibility Standard for the Commercialization of Seafood, seeking to develop the value chain between the artisanal fishermen of Nuquí and Bahía Solano with restaurants in Bogotá and Medellín.


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