Case Study


Latin America and the Caribbean




November 2022


Family Farming, Agriculture, Employment


FAO, ACP, European Union, IFAD

Corridgeree Belize Farms Limited

“Promote diversity, sustainable production and innovation in smallholder agriculture in Belize”

In the village of Silk Grass, Belize, operates since 2016 the private company Corridgeree Belize Farm Ltd. producers of vanilla and Cocoa. Initially Corridgeree Belize Farms Ltd. started with 5 employees cultivating cocoa for the local consumption, national and export market. Years after in 2020 having a total of 20 employees they have made the first export of cocoa beans to USA. Also during this years, other productive lines were introduced such as hydroponic technology, vanilla and cocoa plants for sale to the local market.


Due to growth of the company they have made partnerships with companies from USA and Europe which are their main buyers of the cocoa seeds. For a sustainable production of cocoa, vanilla and hydroponic greens they have been in constant monitoring and improving technology to reach the desirable standard of produce for market. Apart, employees are beneficiaries of service provided by the company (capacity building, salary, social security, birth certificate).


The success is the result of factors that can be summarized in:


  1. The provision of technical training to the employees on agricultural principles.
  2. Good Administrative management for improving the company’s financial, and production level.
  3. Focusing on long term goals by introducing good leadership and guidance to the staff and employees.


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